Clarity in business is everything.

Clarity is about understanding WHY you are in business. WHAT you want to achieve. WHO you want to serve.
HOW you want to serve them. WHAT you want to be known for.

Many people start with the WHO and WHAT…and the business they create is then based on someone else’s model, strategy, and structure without gaining clarity about why they need at and how it fits into their world. Sound familiar?

We provide high-touch, deeply human programs to help you gain clarity around all aspects of your business. 
Empowering you to build the foundations needed to grow and scale your business.

We help turn your ideas into reality.

No one’s business journey is a straightforward path from ideation to business success. For most, the path from identifying your passion, developing an idea, to implementing is messy. Full of twists and turns.

We help you translate your idea and concepts into reality supported by systems and processes. 

We help develop clarity around your market and goals, your products and services, create differentiation in what you do, and implement systems to allow you to create a sustainable business that works for you.

We started from an idea...

The idea of Elephant in the Room consulting was born at the Hide Out Cafe in Barcelona Spain in June 2017 by Jenni Walke.  Our mission is to provide confidence and direction to business owners and entrepreneurs to create values driven, passionate and profitable businesses..

Elephant in the Room is a wholly-owned Indigenous company providing business consulting, mentoring and coaching and business services support to businesses in Australia, Europe, South East Asia, Canada, and the United States.

With a passion for people, leadership and an unwavering desire to create, we help people understand their purpose, define their vision and create businesses that inspire and add value to the world.

Ideas, tips, random thoughts


Do you like writing copy?

This past week has all been about creating compelling content. A favourite topic of mine!

Words and language are something I have always had a thing for. Words can build engagement, inspire action, and create emotion. Well constructed and thoughtful content has the power to move mountains, shape dreams, and create connections.

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How do you show up for your clients?

One of the common threads that popped up last week was how to get noticed, or rather, how do I show up for my clients? These conversations led to discussions about landing pages, websites, and content for social media.

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Your website is not for you!

So often, websites are built as a vanity measure. Something to showcase the brilliance of the individual, rather than as an electronic business card and promotion of their business. Your website is not for you…

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How well do you know your own brand?

The underlying reason you are in business resonates in everything you do – from the language you use to the images your choose.

Your brand is an extension of your business.

It is more than just a great logo and tagline, it is how people connect with you and how you can connect with people. And, if you are in business, creating your brand is marketing 101.

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