Untangling the mess of business through

clarity - structure - process

We help turn your ideas into reality.

No one’s business journey is a straightforward path from ideation to business success. For most, the path from identifying your passion, developing an idea, to implementing is messy. Full of twists and turns.

We help you translate your idea and concepts into reality supported by systems and processes. 

We help develop clarity around your market and goals, your products and services, create differentiation in what you do, and implement systems to allow you to create a sustainable business that works for you.

Need help navigating the messy middle?

Support for individuals, business leaders, and owners looking to start, grow or pivot their business.
The Messy Middle Coaching Program provides support to build the foundations for long-term success.

We started from an idea...

The idea of Elephant in the Room consulting was born at the Hide Out Cafe in Barcelona Spain in June 2017 by Jenni Walke.  Our mission is to provide confidence and direction to business owners and entrepreneurs to create values driven, passionate and profitable businesses..

Elephant in the Room is a wholly-owned Indigenous company providing business consulting, mentoring and coaching and business services support to businesses in Australia, Europe, South East Asia, Canada, and the United States.

With a passion for people, leadership and an unwavering desire to create, we help people understand their purpose, define their vision and create businesses that inspire and add value to the world.

Be part of something amazing

We believe it is important to step away from your business in order to help it grow. 

The Accidental Business Owner Mastermind program is designed to shift your mindset and immerse you into designing your business. 

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