People Purpose Profit Business Network Events

For our September People Purpose Profit Business Network event,  the Feng Shui Store & More owner, Leanne Carius will be joining us to share her wisdom and insights into Creating Environments to Boost your Performance & Success.

Leanne Carius shakes up your environment with a blend of Traditional Eastern Philosophies and the science of modern Western Mindset, finding what works for you, and your external and internal Qi energy.  Not only a classical trained Feng Shui Expert but a gifted Mindset Champion, Qi’ Aligner and Changer, with an incredible understanding of human behaviour, environment, and energy.

Leanne has worked with many business owners, helping to find a living and working space where, your environmental energy achieves your own definition of success.

With the ability to make the complex simple, at this event, at our event on 24 September, Leanne will be sharing:

  • What is the connection between your environmental and internal Qi energy
  • How to locate your “Business Power Seat” within your working space and,
  • Why you need to tap into the power of the 2020 Qi energy for Success.

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The important details:

Event Date: Thursday 24 September, 2020
Event Time: 5:45 PM to 8:00 PM
Venue: Avestix Lab, 143 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley


5:45 pm Doors Open
6:00 pm Welcome and introductions 
6:30 pm Leanne Carius will present 
7:15 pm Q&A and networking

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This event will be a game-changer so make sure you are in the room!

As always, there will be food and wine to enjoy as you have the opportunity to pick the brains of our experts.

Event Details:

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